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PNI 2021 

From research to business for a sustainable future

PNI 2021

The PNI 2021 took place in mixed mode over two days: Tuesday 30 November (10: 00/17: 30) and Friday 3 December (09: 30/13: 30).  

PNI - National Award for Innovation is the most important business plan competition in Italy, in which innovative projects that have passed the selection of the Start Cups, regional business plan competitions linked to Italian universities and associated public research bodies compete against each other. to PNICube.

The 19th edition of PNI was organized by the University of Rome "Tor Vergata"

The presentation conference of the National Award took place on Wednesday 10 November at 12:30 live on our Facebook page .


The program of December 3rd 

Aula Magna Economics University of Rome "Tor Vergata" and streaming

08:30 | Participant registration & Welcome Coffee


09:30 | Institutional greetings

Orazio Schillaci , Magnificent Rector, University of Rome "Tor Vergata"
Alessandro Grandi , PNICube President

Representative of the Embassy of Israel in Italy
Pietro Sebastiani , Ambassador of Italy to the Holy See
Maria Cristina Messa , Minister of University and Research
Gilberto Pichetto Fratin , Deputy Minister of Economic Development
Enrico Giovannini , Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility
Nicola Zingaretti , President of the Lazio Region

Roberto Gualtieri , Mayor of the Municipality of Rome (invited)


10:15 | Opening of the works

Paola Paniccia , Lazio Start Cup Coordinator, University of Rome "Tor Vergata"
Lorenzo Taglianti,
  President of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome

10:30 Pitch 16 finalist startups


12:00 | Panel "Research and innovative startups: challenges and policies for recovery"

Alessandro Grandi , PNICube President

Francesco De Santis , Vice President for Research and Development, Confindustria

Emilio Fortunato Campana , Director of the Department of Engineering, ICT and Technologies for Energy and Transport, CNR

Marcella Mallen, ASviS President
Luigi Paganetto , Emeritus Professor of Political Economy, "Tor Vergata" University
Alberto Tripi , President of the AlmavivA Group
Michelangelo Simonelli , Senior Government Affairs Director, Gilead Sciences


13:30 | Awards and event conclusions

Alessandro Grandi , PNICube President
Vincenzo Tagliaferr i, Vice Rector of Technology Transfer of the "Tor Vergata" University

Pierluigi Monceri , Lazio and Abruzzo Regional Director, Intesa Sanpaolo
Corrado Savoriti , President of the Unindustria Young Entrepreneurs Group

Riccardo Luna , Director of Green and Blue and Italian Tech (Gedi Publishing Group)

Moderates:  Riccardo Luna , Director of Green and Blue and Italian Tech (Gedi Publishing Group)

Presents the pitch competition: Cosmano Lombardo , CEO Search On Media Group


Innovation Area - startup stand in the competition,

Sponsor and partner stand area 
Business Match

The program of November 30th

Online on unitorvergata-pni2021.ibrida.io

10:00 | Institutional greetings and opening of the works

Orazio Schillaci , Magnificent Rector of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata"
Alessandro Grandi , PNICube President

Nicola Tasco , President of Lazio Innova

Maurizio Casasco, President of Confapi

Paola Paniccia , Lazio Start Cup Coordinator, "Roma Tor Vergata" University

10:30 | "Cleantech & Energy" pitch session
Introduced by: Enrico Pochettino , IREN Innovation Director

11:45 | Panel "Social Innovation: Creating Impact Business for Recovery and Resilience"

Marco Girardo , Chief Editor of Economics, Avvenire

Vincenzo Antonetti , Network Development Manager, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center

Alessandro Mechelli , Director of the Management & Law Department, "Tor Vergata" University of Rome

Leonardo Becchetti , Scientific Director of Next-Nuova Economia

Maria Cristina Finucc i, President of Garbage Patch State

12:00 | "Life Sciences-MED Tech" pitch session

Introduced by: Emiliano Schena, Rector's Delegate to the Third Mission, Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome


1 3:00 | Pause


14:00 | "ICT" pitch session

Introduced by: Francesco Scafarto, Professor of Business Creation, "Tor Vergata" University

15:00 | Panel " Research, startups and open innovation for a sustainable recovery"

Vincenzo Tagliaferri , Vice Rector of Technology Transfer of the "Tor Vergata" University
Raffaele Trapasso , Head Entrepreneurship Education and Skills Unit, OECD
Luigi Campitelli , Director of the Active Space and Open Innovation unit, Lazio Innova

Ernestina Cianca , Vice Coordinator CTIF "Tor Vergata" University
Alberto Silvani , Policy, research and innovation expert


15:30 | "Industrial" pitch session

Introduced by: Astorre Modena, founder and managing partner of Terra Venture

16:30 | Panel "Student entrepreneurship: the challenges for youth and female startups"

Sara Poggesi and Michela Mari , Women's Business Observatory, "Tor Vergata" University

Federico Palmieri , CEO BizPlace, Unindustria Young Entrepreneurs Group

Maurizio Sobrero , University of Bologna

Barbara Aquilani, University of Tuscia
Francesco Ferrante , Entrepreneilab, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio
Carlo Alberto Pratesi , Dock 3, Roma Tre University

Gianmarco Carnovale , President of Roma Startup

17:30 | Startup Finalist Announcement
Alessandro Grandi , PNICube President


Cosmano Lombardo , CEO Search On Media Group

S ilvia Baiocco , Researcher in Economics and Business Management, University of Rome "Tor Vergata"


Innovation area - startup stand in the competition

Sponsor and partner stand area 
Business Match

Protagonists - PNI 2021


The Winners

The 16 Superfinalists

Book of ideas


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