In this section you will find the main reports related to the world of innovation to which our association collaborated in the drafting.

Report on the impact of Italian incubators and accelerators

Social Innovation Monitor (SIM) is a team of researchers and professors from different universities united by an interest in innovation and entrepreneurship with a significant social impact. The team is coordinated by Prof. Paolo Landoni of the Polytechnic of Turin. Since 2017, it has been comparing data from different sources and the availability of incubators and accelerators to respond to a questionnaire to produce reports on the impact of Italian incubators and accelerators.

Report Incubatori 2020.png

Netval reports

Since its inception as an informal network, Netval has considered the continuous monitoring of the technology transfer process in Italian universities, public research bodies and IRCCS (Institute of Hospitalization and Scientific Care) to be of fundamental importance. It is for this reason that, with the coordination of Prof. Andrea Piccaluga, Prof. Laura Ramaciotti and the involvement of some PhD students and researchers, Netval has started since 2002 the collection and analysis of data relating to technology transfer activities in the field university, using a questionnaire to be filled out by the appointed offices in each university and preparing a specific research report.

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Netval Report 2016

Netval Report 2015

Netval Report 2014

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