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The 16 super finalists


Cleantech & Energy

Sinergy Flow

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SINERGY proposes a sustainable and low-cost long-duration energy storage system, following a Circular Economy approach.

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Kymia recovers the pistachio waste, the husk, generating the Pistactive-f®, a patented active, to produce sustainable cosmetics.


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Tired of plastic islands? #ROPLASTIC, the transition to the circular economy with innovative, economic and sustainable technologies.

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Bioristor, we give plants a voice by monitoring the sap in-vivo to help farmers increase sustainability in agriculture.

Bioristor - Start Cup Emilia-Romagna PNI 2021.png
KYMIA - Start Cup Sicilia PNI 2021.jpg
ROPLASTIC - Start Cup Lombardia PNI 2021.png
Sinergy Flow - Start Cup Lombardia PNI 2021.png


Elemento Modular Cloud - Start Cup Piemonte - Valle d'Aosta PNI 2021.jpg
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Element provides the first cloud ecosystem where users cooperate in a neutral and distributed resource sharing network.

myBiros - Start Cup Lazio PNI 2021.png
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myBiros uses deep learning techniques to extract information from documents, eliminating any form of manual data entry.

Algor - Start Cup Piemonte - Valle d'Aosta PNI 2021.png
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Algor is a startup that uses Artificial Intelligence to really improve people's lives.

Gymnasio - Start Cup Lombardia PNI 2021.jpg
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Gymnasio is a portable home fitness device that corrects your movements, create your own
card and motivate you.


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More sustainable logistics with effective electro-adhesive gripping devices and recyclable sensorized tape for smart packaging.

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A one-shot process that creates micro and nanostructured surfaces with reduced wettability, for
produce innovative and sustainable plastic.

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Komete Smart Factory Made Easy was created to simplify and make the transition to industry 4.0 accessible to manufacturing SMEs

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Solid oxide fuel cells, for the production and conversion of hydrogen, produced with an innovative digital technology.

AdapTronics - Start Cup Emilia Romagna PNI 2021.png
Komete - Start Cup Lombardia PNI 2021.png
EasySURFACE - Start Cup Campania PNI 2021.jpg
ResoH+ - Start Cup Emilia-Romagna.png

Life Sciences-MED Tech

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New generation biotherapies, at the basis of innovative therapies for pathologies of relevant clinical areas (Neurodegeneration / Oncology).

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Generation of new therapeutic solutions based on the association of bioactive liposomes and antibiotics with anti-infective action.

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Fidelio Medical intends to bring to market the first digital diagnostic solution for the screening and monitoring of iron deficiency.

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Foods for special medical purposes with senolytic therapeutic-nutritional efficacy for chemo / radiotherapy toxicity.

BioLT - Start Cup Lazio PNI 2021.png
P.I.S.A. Biotech - Start Cup Toscana PNI 2021.png
Flavo LifeStart Cup Puglia PNI 2021.png
FIDELIO MEDICAL - Start Cup Piemonte - Valle d'Aosta PNI 2021.png