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The 16 super finalists

Cleantech & Energy



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Transformation on a bio-industrial scale of agro-industrial waste into new green raw materials at the service of the plastic industry.

Deltanova - Nanoremediation

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Nanoremediation 4.0: smart and environmentally friendly nanotechnologies for the remediation of groundwater contaminated by toxic and carcinogenic pollutants.

D3 - DCube

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We develop predictive models based on artificial intelligence to provide you with innovative solutions.


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Sentinella, chromium trap for remote monitoring of crop pests, prevents infestations within plantations.


Alba Robot 

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Alba is a proprietary robotic platform to transform wheelchairs, stretchers and scooters for the disabled into Autonomous and Smart vehicles.

SAMS Technology

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A new definition for anticounterfeiting and traceability  in the packaging industry! 


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Netabolics develops digital replicas of human cells using artificial intelligence to simulate the metabolic effect of new drugs.


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RAP! harnesses the quantum properties of semiconductors to create cryptographic keys that will make our digital lives more secure.



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DSQM develops ultra-fast, energy-efficient superconducting circuits for 6G telecommunications and the supercomputers of tomorrow.


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Bringing the world's most resistant materials to temperature and wear to the aerospace and transport markets by exploiting CNR patented technology.


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See the world in a different light: from visible to infrared with a single camera inserted in your smartphone.

Zenit Smart Polycrystals

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PNI 2020 will take place online for the first time in two days: Monday 30th November (10 AM / 5:30 PM ) and Friday 4th December (09: 30 AM /1:30 PM).

PNI - Premio Nazionale per l'Innovazione is the most important business plan competition in Italy, in which the 65 innovative projects that have passed the selection of the Start Cups, regional business plan competitions linked to Italian universities and public research bodies compete associated with PNICube.

The eighteenth edition of PNI is organized by the University of Bologna and Almacube, incubator of the University and of Confindustria Emilia Area Centro.

Life Sciences & Med Tech


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BFix uses a magnetic biomaterial to direct bone growth in the  jaws, offering an effective solution to periodontitis. 


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Use of the NephroTIMP peptide in the therapy of diabetic nephropathy: a specific treatment for the kidneys.

J.E.M. Tech

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Innovative technology for the non-invasive evaluation of cardiac mechanics during a cardiac surgery operation.

U-Care Medical 

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Early diagnosis system of acute renal failure in hospitalized patients, reducing costs for the healthcare system and saving lives.