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The competition

The Italian Master Startup Award (former Start Up of the Year), born in 2007, is the only event on a national basis that rewards the results achieved on the market by young hi-tech companies in the first years of their establishment. The Prize is organized annually by the PNICube Association in collaboration with one of the members, who hosts the award ceremony.


The objectives of the award are:

- give visibility to innovative companies that in the first years of life have achieved important economic and qualitative results;

- monitor the results obtained with the business plan competitions and with the incubation activities carried out by the members of the Association and its institutional partners.

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The prices

Andrea Basso

Mito technology

Federico Davini

Amedeo Giurazza
Vertis SGR 

Chiara Maiorino

Adriano Marconetto

Enrico Pochettino


Nicola Redi
Venture Factory 

Giusy Stanziola 

Davide Turco
Indaco SGR  

  • IMSA prize worth 5,000 euros. It is awarded to the startup or spin off that achieved successful positions on the market in the first years of life, achieving significant economic results and qualitative objectives.

  • Special Ju.Cla.S. worth 1,000 euros. It is awarded to the company worthy of technological advancement and attention to environmental sustainability. The Prize will be awarded by Ju.Cla.S. - Juice Clarification System, the VASONGROUP company that deals with the design, construction and marketing of cutting-edge systems for oenology, beverage and agri-food.

The prices

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