The association

In 2003 the Ministry of Productive Activities financed the IUNet project, (managed

by the University Incubators Association - AIU), in order to create a connection network among university business incubators. The first edition of the National Award for Innovation (PNI), a sort of "champion cup" of the best business projects born in the university environment organized by five StartCups. To take advantage of the experience of IUNet and PNI, PNICube was born in 2004, an Association that deals with technology transfer policies through the creation of businesses innovative from the world of academic research.

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The board of directors

President: Prof. Alessandro Grandi - Almacube


Dr. Andrea Attanasio - University of Calabria

Prof. Bernardo Balboni - University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Dr. Barbara Colombo - Polytechnic of Milan

Prof. Rosario Faraci - Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan

Prof. Francesco Ferrante - University of Cassino and Southern Lazio

Dr. Enrico Gastaldi - University of Turin

Ing. Monia Gentile - Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa

Dr. Luca Guarnieri - University of Verona

Dr. Francesco Meloni - University of Sassari

Prof. Paola Paniccia - University of Rome Tor Vergata

Prof Giovanni Perrone - University of Palermo

Prof. Mario Raffa - University of Naples Federico II

Prof. Laura Ramaciotti - University of Ferrara

Prof. Giuseppe Scellato - I3P